British Marque


It sure has been a very hot summer! Here in the South, we’re all looking forward to cooler weather, fall drives and car shows.
Our August lunch was at the Flight Deck restaurant in Lexington, SC. 48 members met for lunch and we welcomed new members Dennis & Debbie Dabney, Richard Jackson, George Freeman, and Mark & Andrea Closson. On September 10, we’ll be meeting at Joe Anderson’s for a picnic lunch, October 1st, will be a Lizard’s Thicket, November will be the annual meeting and elections at DiPrato’s and the holiday party will be at the old Mill in Lexington, SC. Check out the website for details.
Some of the car upcoming car shows were mentioned, with some members interested in attending a few of them. There usually is a planned drive to through the scenic roadways to the events. Look for BCCMC Brits at Autumn in the Mountains, Ashville NC, Rock around the Clock, Winnsboro SC, Myrtle Beach SC and Charleston, SC. Surely will be busy September and October for fun times and great rides.

Following, is Part 1 of David & Patricia Reilly’s adventures with their British automobiles. They have written a short story detailing their experiences over the decades. … enjoy!

Patricia grew up in England, riding on the back of friend’s Douglas and Vincent motorbikes before immigrating to the USA in 1960. There she worked in a Hollywood advertising agency, driving an Austin Healey Sprite and was part of the sports car racing crowd. David was born in Washington state and raced an MG-TC, Porsche 1500 coupe and Alfa Romeo Veloce Spyder through high school and college. After college, David worked on the Apollo man-to-the-moon project in California and raced a Lotus Eleven series 2 and then a Lotus 23B.

Both being sports car and racing fans, we got together and were married in Las Vegas in 1964. Our honeymoon was opening presents while towing the Lotus, with our old Ford station wagon, to Georgia, where David had a new job.

In 1966, we were living in Connecticut and we decided to buy our first new car. Of course, it would be a Jaguar! We ordered a new 3.8-litre ’S’-type, at Jaguar of New York, for delivery at the Jaguar factory in Browns Lane, Coventry, England on September 1, 1966 (The earliest date USA law allowed a car to be registered in the new model year).

We chose Carmen Red exterior with a Black leather interior and four speed (synchromesh on 1st gear), transmission with overdrive. It was to be fitted with all available USA factory-installed options:
o Chrome wire wheels
o Heated rear window
o 3-point seat belts (front)
o Tinted glass
o Power steering
Total price $5,024.00.
A set of custom-made black cowhide luggage was ordered from S. Reid of London to be delivered to Browns Lane for installation in the car upon delivery.
We flew to London and arrived at Browns Lane, Coventry on Thursday, September 1st, 1966. We were welcomed into the offices to complete paperwork while the car was brought round. The car had been completed (built) June 21, 1966 and registered on August 31, 1966 to Jaguar Export Sales so that British registration plates would be on the car (HRW 667D) for our use in England.
When we finished the particulars, and a short tour of the Jaguar cars on display in the lobby (an SS1, XKSS and a D-type), we were escorted out front. There sat our beautiful red ‘S’- along with about a dozen people from the offices and works standing around it. They had all heard of the custom luggage and wanted to see it installed! After suitable pleasantries we all were on our way!