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Joe’s 1929 Model A

Happy Fall, y’all!
Many thanks to long time BCCMC member Joe Anderson & Stacey Atkinson for hosting the September 10th monthly meeting. Those attending enjoyed a picnic lunch and delicious peach cobbler and ice cream while admiring Joe’ As well as a 1951 MGTD, 1960 Corvette and an 1969 Jaguar XKE, he has an eclectic collection of automotive related advertising signs. Joe has recently re-acquired an 1929 Model A tractor conversion. How many get to rediscover a car from their youth?!?
1929 Model A Ford Turned Tractor
Henry Ford was born on a farm and from an early age he disliked the drudgery of agricultural work. In the 1930s, after a successful run with Model T and Model A cars, he realized that with most Americans still living on farms, there was a secondary market for a “crossover” automobile. Discerning that farmers had been hit hard by the Great Depression, Ford gave birth to a lucrative new industry by selling after-market conversion kits that would allow Model Ts and Model As to be stripped of their outer shell, and equipped with tractor-like tires and a short truck bed in the rear.
These cars, often called “DoodleBugs,” (slang name for a homemade tractor) are now very rare. This car is one such conversion vehicle that was originally purchased by Joe Anderson in 1964 when he was 14 years old. He paid $50 for the 1929 Model A at a public auction on the steps of the Edgefield County Courthouse. The vehicle had earlier been discovered by law enforcement at a moon shine still and, because it had been used for illegal activity, it was forfeited by the former owner.
Fifty-seven years later, Anderson realized the Model A was part of automotive history. The “Swamp Rat” also brought back fond memories of Joe and his three brothers in their early years. Always nostalgic, he tracked down the vehicle which was still located in Edgefield County. Somehow, it didn’t end up at the junkyard after all those decades. Anderson repurchased the “Swamp Rat” in 2021 for $50—the same price he paid in 1969! Henry Ford would be proud to know that his creative genius produced a product that held its value pretty well for more than half a century. by Joe Anderson (edited)

A busy season in the south for car shows. Dave & Patricia Reilly’s BSA motorcycle took first place at the Autumn in the Mountains car show. At the Southeast British Car show, in Dillard GA, the Platt’s ’76 MGB was awarded 4th place. Congratulations to all. Best of luck to those entering the Charleston (10/29) and Myrtle Beach (10/15) car shows.
The BCCMC Annual Meeting will November 5th will be held at DiPrato’s Delicatessen in Columbia SC at 9:30 am.